MindMapper Collaboration Released(MindMapper협업서비스)

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SimTech Systems releases MindMapper Collaboration Service

SimTech Systems Inc. released MindMapper Collaboration Service, an add-on to their popular MindMapper 2009 Professional product.

MindMapper Collaboration Service allows multiple users in remote locations to hold a remote, online meeting using MindMapper. Each participant can access the online meeting through the Internet. Each attendee will work on the same document simultaneously, and updates are shown in real-time. It will be as if the meeting was held physically in a meeting room with all the participants sitting together.

MindMapper Collaboration Service Key Points
- Easily create meetings anyplace
- Reduce meeting time with simultaneous, real-time inputs
- Instantly create a meeting report automatically when done

MindMapper Collaboration Service Benefits
- Multiple users can input ideas simultaneously
- Meeting participants can join the meeting remotely
- Share multiple files using hyperlinking in your meeting map
- Create meetings anywhere and anytime
- Visualize the entire project flow in one map
- Synchronous/Asynchronous map update

MindMapper Collaboration Features
- Invite MindMapper or non-MindMapper users
- Automatic report generation
- Document sharing
- Voting feature
- Meeting time scheduler
- Chat feature

Click here to learn more about the MindMapper Collaboration Service

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